Basement Epoxy FlooringFor Your Shreveport, Louisiana Home

Shreveport, Louisiana homeowners love epoxy in the basement for its durability, sleek appearance & cost.

You want to protect your basement floor from stains, degradation and damage, all while insulating and sealing the flooring to keep out dampness. Sound like a tall order? For epoxy it’s not.

While basements are prone to dampness and the wrong spill will leave a stain on some floors, these aren’t problems with epoxy. There are a plethora of questions you may have, one common one being how long the installation process will take.

You may want an estimate of an epoxy basement floor cost as well. It’s our best guess that epoxy flooring will be the ideal choice for your basement, even after you get the answer to these questions from one of our team members after they evaluate your space.

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Decorative Epoxy Flooring - Shreveport, LA

We, and many Shreveport, LA homeowners love basement epoxy!

It’s extremely cost effective when its longevity is considered. Epoxy is durable and beautiful, making it a great choice to consider when renovating your basement or adding a protective sealant to your basement floor.

For a tough flooring system, choose Shreveport basement epoxy flooring!

Your basement flooring is susceptible to all kinds of damage, whether it be water damage, fluctuating temperatures or unpredictable kids and pets. It’s possible you’re just looking to spruce up your space and add a new gloss or finish to your existing concrete floor.

Finishing off your basement, too is a great time to consider the addition of epoxy flooring. If you’re hesitant, or having doubts regarding epoxy basement floor cost, consider all the years to come you’ll use the flooring. When you consider all it’s use — you’ll walk over it every day and it’ll hold the weight of couches, entertainment centers, pool and foosball tables — it’s hard to deny all it does.

Epoxy Coating of Shreveport - Epoxy Floor Paint
Warehouse - Basement in Epoxy Flooring Shreveport, LA
Cost of Shreveport Basement Epoxy Flooring

The last thing you need to worry about is molding carpets, tiles that don’t adhere or vinyl that shrinks and expands due to temperature changes. When you consider all the benefits of our flooring option, epoxy basement floor cost is not much to bat an eye at.

Protect and insulate your existing basement floor while spicing up your flooring, through means of decorative epoxy paint, epoxy flakes or a metallic epoxy floor. A clear coat, or polished concrete, is a great option as well if you already have an existing basement floor.

Basement Epoxy Flooring Installation For Your Shreveport Home or Business

Our team of professional epoxy installers work efficiently to provide you with a durable, yet attractive flooring. You’ll love epoxy for its looks, but you’ll love it even more for its low maintenance qualities.

Expect a virtually indestructible flooring that can withstand caustic chemicals, pet accidents and whatever your kids may pour on it. Cracks and/or peeling are issues of the past.

Epoxy Resin Coating in Shreveport, LA - Metallic Epoxy Floor
Epoxy Flooring Shreveport, LA - Epoxy Floor Paint
We install outstanding basement epoxy floors in Shreveport, LA.

Our epoxy coating is incredibly durable and can withstand extreme temperatures, heavy machinery, caustic chemicals, oils and other liquids and anything your pets or children may subject it to.

Our strong and protective basement floor epoxy can take a beating and still look as flawless as the day it was installed. Upkeep is minimal, simply wipe away spills and your installation will stay intact. This fact alone makes epoxy basement floor cost seem minimal and doable, no matter your budget.

We, at Epoxy Flooring Shreveport, complete every project to the best of our ability and to your satisfaction.

Whether a residential install for your home basement, or a commercial install to utilize below-first-level space, Epoxy Flooring Shreveport, LA can be counted on for your project.

Our team of installers are thorough in their approach in applying your new basement floor.

Epoxy Resin Floor Contractors of Shreveport Basement Epoxy Flooring Project
Q: How to apply epoxy flooring?

First, you’ll need to make certain the epoxy flooring is a good match for your existing concrete slab or other floor type. Next, clean and prime your floor. Purchase the epoxy resin mix that’s right for you and then mix and apply the epoxy.