Homeowners LoveEpoxy Garage Floor Coating

A garage does so much more than hold vehicles or the odd and end power tool.

Our garage spaces double as storage units, home gyms, places to keep our cars out of the elements, home workshops, automotive garages and so much more. With all our garages do, it’s hard to believe the ways in which we neglect them and maybe even dismiss their value. 

As the seasons change, our garages are exposed to different elements, whether it be cold, rain or scorching heat. The garage takes a heavy beating on the daily, and that’s what makes them the perfect match for garage floor coating. Epoxy garage floor coating is easy to clean, meaning any spill can be wiped up with ease. 

No matter the spill, whether it be oil, paint or a caustic chemical, epoxy flooring will show no signs of damage.


Whether your garage floor is in need of some TLC or you’re just wanting a new look, epoxy is the right choice for your home. 

Making certain your garage flooring is well maintained and looked after with the installation of garage flooring will help ensure its durability and longevity, meaning it will last for ages to come. 

Maybe your floor needs an update or there’s a structural issue — whatever the case may be, we want to help.

Epoxy garage floor coating isn’t only durable and easy to maintain, it’s aesthetically pleasing as well.

Epoxy garage floor coating can be installed on top of an existing flooring, installed new, or added to concrete to create polished concrete. The versatility of epoxy means creating striking designs and endless color combinations is a simple process that will leave you with a custom creation. 

Epoxy garage floor coating comes in a wide range of colors and shades, meaning customization is simple and we’re sure to leave your home with a floor as unique as those who live in it.


Our team of professional contractors have years of epoxy installation and floor coating experience.

They are well-versed in epoxy design and installation. Your garage floor coating will be completed properly and to your satisfaction – the first time around, your satisfaction guaranteed. 

We aim to treat our customers like we would treat our families. Whatever your garage floor coating installation and design needs, Epoxy Flooring Shreveport, LA has you covered.

We value quality craftsmanship, reliability and trustworthiness.

This accountability is how we’ve earned the respect of all the customers we’ve served and all those to come. The commercial and residential properties we provide service to are thrilled with the results we provide every time. We leave every space we enter changed for the better.


Homeowners love epoxy garage floor coating!

Epoxy can handle anything thrown at it, whether it be extreme weather, caustic chemicals, oil spills and heavy loads like vehicles and tool benches. 

Whether you have a residential home garage or a commercial automotive garage, epoxy floor is a great fit for your space that has to handle anything and everything.

Q: When can you drive on an epoxy floor?

A: Once the final coat of epoxy has been applied, it’s best to wait three days before allowing a vehicle into the garage. 

While epoxy can be driven on safely at this point, full curing of epoxy doesn’t occur until two weeks after epoxy has been installed.